Spyder Ryders "Down Under"

I started this web site back in 2008 when I purchased my Spyder. I put my deposit down in 2007 and waited 9 months for them to arrive in Australia. The original idea was to have an online presence for new Spyder owners in Australia to exchange information and ideas.

When I wanted panniers I discovered that no one could help until I found the Givi importer in Canada who had made a rack to fit the Spyder with the Givi suitcase panniers. No one in Australia was interested in dealing with them so I bought a rack direct (it cost me as much in air freight as the cost of the rack!) . I then did a deal to import the racks as it was way cheaper to bring in 10 than one at a time.

I no longer sell the racks as cheaper alternatives are now available but I do bring in an assortment of other accessories. My aim with the accessory sales is to offer the products at the same price (or better if margins allow me) than you would pay buying direct from the suppliers in the US (considering also air freight costs) . I have around $20-$25,000 of parts in stock here at any one time so I can generally deliver promptly and also offer back up service for those manufacturers locally. I now have clients in UK, throughout Europe, New Zealand , Singapore , Malaysia, Brunei, Japan etc .

So this site has evolved from a source of shared information and ideas to also have a sales side. I still do my best to pass on ideas and thoughts from Spyder owners. I have recently added a forum as requested by readers and will continue to try and pass on as much information as I can in these pages.

Ride safe - Martin Bell